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Childbirth Hypnosis

Learn the Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Hypnosis for childbirth helps provide relief and comfort to pregnant women. There are many ways it can emotionally and mentally benefit expectant mothers.

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How Hypnosis Helps You During Childbirth

If you’re an expectant mother who is feeling anxious and afraid of pregnancy, turn to Childbirth Hypnosis. I teach hypnobirthing, which is a technique that has many benefits for pregnant women.

What Hypnosis Does During Childbirth

  • Reduces or eradicates fear, tension and pain before, during, and after your labour and delivery
  • Gives you control over your labour and birth
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for pain medication
  • Allows you to be conscious and cooperative with your midwife or physician
  • Allows you to speed up or slow down your labour
  • Increases your confidence about birthing naturally
  • Unlike medication, hypnosis does not cause extra stress on the circulatory, respiratory, hepatic, or renal systems
  • Reduces or eliminates fatigue during labour and after delivery
  • Shortens labour time by approximately 2 to 4 (or more) hours for most mothers
  • Eases delivery
  • Requires no elaborate education, only a willingness to use it
  • Allows for faster healing time and recovery
  • Significantly decreases the risk of mothers becoming depressed after birth (postpartum depression)


Before labour begins, hypnosis can be used to turn a breech (bottom first) or posterior (sunny side up) baby. A physician's approval is needed.

Please note that total pain elimination cannot be guaranteed with hypnosis as each pregnancy and labour is unique.


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