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Childbirth Hypnosis

A Peaceful Birth For A Peaceful Earth.

Learn hypnobirthing so you can be emotionally and mentally prepared for pregnancy and labour.


Give Birth With Confidence and Not Fear

Pregnancy is an exciting time and an important part of your journey to motherhood. However, you may feel afraid and worried about going through the pain of giving birth.

If you have fears and doubts about what to expect during pregnancy, labour and delivery, reach out to Childbirth Hypnosis. My name is Sheila Meredith Scott, and I’m a master hypnotist who is dedicated to supporting expectant mothers.

I teach hypnosis for childbirth to pregnant women so they can experience easier,  labours. You can give birth to your baby naturally and as easy and comfortable as possible without the use of drugs or surgical interventions. Get in touch to sign up for classes. All classes are taught via Zoom video conferencing so you can learn anywhere you have a reliable Internet connection.

What Is Hypnosis for Childbirth?

Hypnosis for childbirth, also called hypnobirthing, helps reduce or often completely eliminate the pain felt during labour. Through hypnosis, the labouring mother learns to relax her body fully and thus minimize fear and resistance to the natural process of birth. When the mother is in this deeply relaxed state, the birthing process is accelerated, and she has a natural and positive birthing experience.

While in hypnosis, the body naturally produces endorphins, which are 18 to 20 times more powerful than morphine. Naturally produced endorphins are completely safe for both the mother and baby.

Helping You Even After Childbirth

I provide support and information to you even after you’ve completed your course. You can also reach out to me for assistance after childbirth.

Studies on Hypnobirthing

Investigations have been done to determine the types of pain that hypnosis can and cannot effectively alleviate. Most studies appear to indicate that hypnosis is universally successful in pain management.

Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in the management of various types of pain, such as pain associated with childbirth (Weishaar, 1986), angioplasty (Weinstein & Au, 1991), leukemia (Silva, 1990), and headaches (VanDyck, et al, 1991).

“Birth is a mind-body experience, an intense physical process whose outcome is closely tied to emotions and mental attitude.”

- The Birth Book by William Sears MD and Martha Sears RN 

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